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Logo mundosurf “Personalization allowed us to stop suggesting products at random, and start using the customer's tastes instead. The number of page views per visit and the average basket size increased substantially with this service.”   Sebas,
Sebas, from - an e-commerce website specialized in aquatic sports material, share his experience with you.
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Our solution for your e-commerce

Customize your clients' experience with personalized recommendations and navigation. Reduce your churn by avoiding client frustration from not finding the products they are looking for.
  • Higher conversion : recommend the best product for each customer and increase your average basket size
  • Personalization of user experience : increase your brand loyalty, brand equity and customer engagement to positively impact your sales
  • Easy integration : modules are easy to install, on any platform. First recommendation generated in less than 5 minutes after setup
  • Reactive customer support : our customers are our priority
  • Leading technology : take advantage of more than three years of research in Big Data technologies
  • Clear pricing : fixed monthly fee, depending on your needs

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