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Our recommendation module for osCommerce allows showing the most relevant products for each of your customers, by analyzing navigation behavior.
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The osCommerce Online Merchant integration can be done in 4 easy steps, and you will be able to provide personalized recommandations in your store in less than an hour. In order to provide you with the best personalization algorithms, this service is provided in the cloud and uses the latest technological advances in the field of Big Data.

  1. Sign up     Sign up
    Signing up is mandatory to access our cloud services. It grants you access to a more complete documentation and to your dashboard. This step triggers the 30 days trial period.
  2. Copy the module     Download module
    Once you have signed up and downloaded the module, you receive new files to copy in your osCommerce installation directory.
  3. Edit your configuration     config.php
    A configuration file is provided with the module, and you just need to fill in the account information you obtained in the first step.
  4. Schedule inventory upload
    We provide you with all the necessary scripts to enable you to update our local copy of your inventory. You schedule the execution of these scripts so that we are always up-to-date and able to provide you with the best product recommendations. And yes, by default, this configuration is optional since we got an automatic upload option.
Contact us if you find difficulties in installing our module. Just send us an email to commerce@ezako.com and we will schedule a phone call to assist you.

Click here to access our detailed technical documentation